Abilene Composite Squadron Helps Cub Scouts Blast Off

posted May 3, 2016, 6:31 AM by Jed Taylor

ABILENE, Texas – The Abilene Composite Squadron recently had an opportunity to take aerospace education to several local Cub Scout troops during the Buffalo Mountain District Cub-O-Ree. The event was hosted at Camp Tonkawa outside of Buffalo Gap, Texas, and the theme for the event was “Take Flight.”

The event promoted outdoor activity in Scouting and raise awareness of aviation themed community interaction, took place over three days.

Maj Jed Taylor watches as Cadet Sr. Master Sgt. Lauren Najera helps a group of scouts with their rockets.

On Saturday, scouts and their families rotated through a series of stations designed to meet the goals of the Cub-O-Ree. At the Civil Air Patrol’s station, the scouts were given the opportunity to explore the principles of rocket propulsion by building Alka-Seltzer rockets with 35mm film canisters and paper. While only a few rockets survived the soaking that ensued, all of the scouts went away with a better understanding of rocket propulsion and a fun memory. Each scout was able to keep what was left of the rocket and encouraged to experiment and learn more about rockets on their own.

Working with the scouts is one of the many ways that Civil Air Patrol is able to accomplish its mission of educating the public on aerospace matters. It is also an excellent venue to learn different techniques for teaching leadership to America’s youth.

“Scouting is the vessel that we use to introduce today's youth into leadership, teamwork and community efforts to better their life.  Getting the scouts in an outdoor environment, takes many out of their element, but it allows everyone to experience new things,” said Howard Taylor, Buffalo Mountain District Training Chairman.

Over 100 people from various troops participated in the Cub-O-Ree.

Members from the Abilene Composite Squadron who participated in the event were Maj. Jed Taylor, 2nd Lt. Crystal Najera and Cadet Sr. Master Sgt. Lauren Najera.