TLC Basic Course

posted Apr 19, 2017, 5:16 PM by Jed Taylor
On 3 June 2017 a Training Leaders of Cadets – Basic Course will be held at Abilene Composite Squadron, Abilene, Texas. TLC-Basic is a senior training activity that focuses on individuals that work with the cadet program at the squadron level. All squadrons which have cadets are required to have a minimum of two senior members with at least TLC-Basic. TLC-Basic is also required for the Senior rating in the Cadet Programs specialty track.

Some of the topics covered during the course include:

• Putting excitement into squadron meetings

• Getting cadets off to a great start

• Developing partnerships with parents

• Mentoring cadets to develop their potential

• Providing each cadet with a tailor-made challenge

 Most of all, TLC is a great venue for sharing best practices and seeing how other squadrons cope with the perennial challenges of leading a cadet unit, so there’s something for newcomers and experienced leaders alike.

Open to seniors who have completed Level One (sorry, no cadets allowed – this is a forum where adults can freely discuss their challenges in mentoring cadets)
Dates & Times: 3 June 2017, 0800-1630 (sign-in 0715)
Location: Abilene Composite Squadron, 4886 Newman Rd, Abilene TX 79601
Uniform: AF-style blues, aviator combo, or polo uniform. BDUs/ABUs and flight suits are not authorized.
Fee: $20.00

To register, please submit a CAPF 17 signed by your unit commander, electronic signatures are authorized per CAP Index 0-9, to Maj Jed Taylor at and pay via the Event Brite link NLT 31 May 2017.

Applications will only be accepted if the application is complete and signed by the commander as well as payment submitted.

Before attending, please invest about 45 minutes by completing the online modules in eServices > Online Learning > Learning Management System > Cadet Programs > Training Leaders of Cadets - Basic Course

Maj Jed Taylor, CAP
Abilene Composite Squadron Commander
U.S. Air Force Auxiliary